About Us

About Us

Kalakaram is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise prosaic, recurrent and mammoth world of kids’ toys. Mastering a very niche category called DIY, we bring with us an innovative range of creatively enriching products that promise on touching the lives of your beloved tots in the most wonderful and genuine way possible.

Our Belief

Our core stems from the well established & well researched fact that art in all it’s embodiments, has unimaginable ability and potential to shape young lives into more responsive, expressive, kind, informed and confident beings.

Our Initiative

It is imperative that young minds are nurtured right and we assert that exploring art and honing creativity is essential for holistic development. Starting early is key and as we strive to add our purpose to your lives, we profess that there is more to sculpting blooming lives than textbook learning.

Our Categories

Kids' Activity Kits

An array of interesting and fun designs on canvases of all kinds; you can paint on cushion covers, face masks, eggs, rocks, figurines and so much more!

A wide range of craft activities like paper cup craft, quilling, macrame rainbow, boho jute bag, etc., will surely make your imagination run wild!

Celebrate life with theme-based craft kits like Diwali, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and Wonderland DIY kits!

Bath & Body Kits

Make your own melt-and-pour DIY soaps, fizzy bath bombs, rejuvenating bath salts, and luscious lip balms with our 100% natural and pure ingredients!

Candle Making Kits

Light up your creativity and try candle making with our fantastic range of DIY aroma beeswax candles, bubble candles, gemstone candles & gel candles!

Indian Traditional Art Kits

Dive deep into the rich and colorful history of India, as we discover the various traditional art forms through our products like DIY Kalighat painting on the kettle, Mandala art on beverage trays, Pichwai art on a ceramic plate, Mandala art on kettles, etc. & create exquisite art with utility!

Knitting, Embroidery & Macrame kits

Learn Macrame art and knotting techniques, and discover knitting and embroidery with delightful products like Dreamcatcher making, Hoop art, etc.!