Paint Your Own Drawstring Bag


ALL-IN-ONE PAINTING KIT FOR BEGINNERS: This kit contains 1 Pre-Printed Drawstring Bag (16×10 inches), 6 Primary Colors Acrylic Paints (5ml each), 1 Round Paint Brush & 1 Paint Palette.

ENCOURAGE PAINTING: Let your children discover their creative side! A whole new world of imagination, bold strokes, and color awaits them!

ART THERAPY: As a small tot, the touch and feel of a paintbrush, or canvas, playing with colors for the first time, is a wholesome experience in itself; and is deeply essential for their holistic development. Not just for kids, painting is proven to be a therapeutic activity for adults as well.

ADDITIONAL PAINTING ACTIVITIES INSIDE – Each box comes with a surprise painting activity book comprising of 2 theme-based painting pages for 4+-year-old.

AN EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE: The activity not only helps your young ones to develop hand-eye coordination but also sharpens the young mind as it enhances focus and boosts self-confidence.


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The paints included in this DIY kit are not toxic and are safe for everyone to use.

Our DIY kits are a unique way of exploring and learning about various Indian traditional art forms. They also provide a great mean for one to develop fine motor skills, widen creativity & imagination & improve their art & craft skills.

All our DIY kits are suitable for adults.

Each DIY kit has a unique utility object like coasters, a utility box, a kettle etc. which can be used to serve their purpose or even as décor piece.

All the contents of our DIY are tested and safe for kids so that they can enjoy and experience our DIY kits without any hinderance.