Plastic Cross Stitch Kit for Beginners


COMPLETE CONTENTS: This kit contains all the required material to make 5 stunning cross stitch pieces. Plastic Cross Stitch Sheets 6 count 11 x 10 inches (x5 sheets), Wool Yarn 65 yard Each (5 colors), plastic needles (x2), 2 design reference sheets.

GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: This kit is perfect for those who want to learn the art of cross – stitching. With appropriate contents, safe plastic sewing needle and a guide on basic cross stitching methods, this kit will make it simple for you to try your hands on cross stitching,

FUN TO MAKE: This kit is a great activity to engage kids and encourage the artist within them. This fun activity is a perfect alternative to make the video game generation do something productive.

DEVELOP SKILLS: The prime idea behind our DIY kits is to help develop very important skills in each kid along with a fun experience. This kit helps the child to increase FOCUS (by following each step with precision); encourage SELF EXPRESSION (by using the contents to create various designs), BOOST SELF ESTEEM by channelizing his/her energy into positive endeavors and a sense of creating something useful and APPRECIATE NATURAL BEAUTY.


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