Spookyville Chills Craft Box


SUFFICIENT CONTENTS – The kit contains Colorful Fur Sticks, Colorful Wooden Beads, Assorted Googly Eyes, Felt Bag, Felt Sheets Glue Tube, Colored Paper, Paper Cup, Primary Color Acrylic Paints, Secondary Color Acrylic Paints, Flat Paint Brush, Wooden Ice Cream Sticks, Colored Wool Yarn, Jute Thread, Creepy Face Masks Printouts & Golden String.

6 SPOOKY CRAFT ACTIVITIES – This box contains a mysterious trove of 6 chilling craft activities – Ghosts & Pumpkins Bunting, Fur Stick Spiders, Popsicle Spider Webs, Scary Face Mask Painting, Felt Trick or Treat Bag and Paper Cup Candle Holder.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – A well-illustrated step by step guide is provided inside each box which makes the process extremely easy and fun.

ACTIVITIES FOR ENTIRE FAMILY- Our kit offers a fun experience for all your friends and family to come together and create some spooky craft objects and have a great time.

CREATE AND DECORATE- What better than adding a personal touch to your décor with your very own handmade crafts. Make your interiors spooky and fun with the final products from this box.


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Discover a unique way of
celebrating spooky season with
this one-of-a-kind DIY kit!

Explore a mysterious trove of 6 chilling craft activities for the kids of spookyville!

Make Your Own
Fur Sticks Spiders

Create Your Own Trick or Treat Felt Bag

Make Your Own
Paper Cup Candle Holder

Create Your Own Popsicle Spider Webs

Make Your Own
Ghost & Pumpkin Bunting

Paint Your Own Scary Face Masks

Make Learning


Alternative to
Screen Time

Unique DIY

Do It Yourself

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All the contents of this kit are carefully curated and are safe for everyone to use.

Our DIY kits are a unique way of exploring and learning about various Indian traditional art forms. They also provide a great mean for one to develop fine motor skills, widen creativity & imagination & improve their art & craft skills.

All our DIY kits are suitable for adults.

Each DIY kit has a unique utility object like coasters, a utility box, a kettle etc. which can be used to serve their purpose or even as décor piece.

All the contents of our DIY are tested and safe for kids so that they can enjoy and experience our DIY kits without any hinderance.