KALAKARAM is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise traditional and mammoth world of kids’ toys. Mastering a very niche category called DIY, we bring with us a unique range of innovative and creativity enriching products that promise on touching the lives of your beloved tots in the most wonderful and genuine way possible.

Our core stems from the well established notion that art in all it’s embodiments, heals and transforms lives. It has unimaginable ability and potential to shape young lives into more responsive, expressive, kind, informed and confident beings

It is imperative that young minds are nurtured right and we assert that exploring art and honing creativity is essential for holistic development. Starting young is key and as we strive to add our purpose to your lives, we profess that there is more to shaping young lives than textbook learning.



In the vibrant tapestry of childhood, our kits are the colorful threads that weave together skills and joy. Each project is a mini adventure, a chance for kids to explore, create, and discover the magic within their own fingertips. Beyond the paints and brushes, these kits are vehicles for self-expression, building confidence, and fostering a love for learning.

We understand the profound impact these formative years have on a child's growth. KALAKARAM's DIY kits go beyond mere artistic endeavors; they are catalysts for holistic development. From enhancing fine motor skills to nurturing patience and perseverance, each kit is a toolkit for life's journey. Watching your child proudly present their creation isn't just about the finished project; it's witnessing the blossoming of imagination and the joy of accomplishment.

Join us in this journey of creativity, growth, and shared moments that become cherished memories. Because at KALAKARAM, we're not just crafting projects; we're crafting the future—one artistic adventure at a time.