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Art & Craft – All Things Essential for your Toddler

by TexaNEX editor5 26 Aug 2023
Art & Craft – All Things Essential for your Toddler

Have you noticed how your 2 year old has started mimicking the way you hold your cellphone? Yea, it might look cute right now but in no time he’ll turn into the most notorious little thief and you won’t even realize the speed at which he’ll snatch that phone right out of your hands and get glued to it 24×7.

Funny as it may sound, it’s high time you stand your ground in front of the lil burglar and prevent him from getting addicted to the screen. Handing him your phone might look like the easiest way to get him busy and calm but according to research, screen time has a lot of negative developmental effects on your child’s brain – behavioural issues, shorter attention spans, decreased language acquisition, sleep problems and physical issues like weight gain.

The question thus remains, how do we get the lil one busy/prevent him from being a chaotic tornado?

To answer this, we’re discussing today the best constructive alternative, a way that will boost his development through and through and that’ll help shape his personality all along his growth years.

The Answer - Art & Craft

There’s no surprise to it. Why do you think that most of the kindergartens and preschools around the world teach art and craft to your child throughout the day? Apart from being fun, it’s an imperative teaching with serious benefits that usher holistic development of your child.

So without further ado, read on to know about the areas where art & craft really helps.

Motor Skills

When kids use their fingers to manipulate art materials they are developing their fine motor skills. Their bilateral coordination skills improve as they learn to use both hands at the same time.

All this happens when they paint, colour, glue and cut. The quicker their fine motors skills develop the more they can do on their own!


Early child literacy skills in art and crafts cover a wide range of areas – from speaking and reading to listening and understanding. When kids make art or crafts they get to talk about their work which develops their communication skills. 

“Why did you choose that colour?” “Tell me about what you made.” They learn new vocabulary from parents and when following verbal instructions they use their listening skills.

Math Concepts

Kids get to learn about and recognise different shapes, count and sort out their art supplies and even measure out lengths and sizes of art materials. To master math, you need good thinking and problem-solving skills which art and craft activities help with as well.


Art allows kids to develop their creativity which is important throughout their lives. By doing something creative, you allow for self-expression and this lets kids express (and cope with) their feelings. It also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Self - Esteem

Art and craft gives kids a sense of achievement and allows them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead you to a whole new idea. Kids get to try new things and also develop their “self regulation skills” (e.g. when waiting for paint or glue to dry). This helps them develop patience.

Bonding Time

Kids love spending time with their parents and what better way than doing art & craft together! You get to spend quality time bonding with your kids and at the same time, you are creating lifelong memories to cherish.

Try adopting the wonderful way of art with your tiny tot and watch him blossom each day into a better, kinder, wiser and complete version of himself.

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