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Why Choose kalakaram

by Dr. Anshita 26 Aug 2023
Why Choose kalakaram

In our last blog, we spoke about the many benefits of art & craft for a developing child. And if you’ve read through, you’d want to inculcate this wonderful habit in your lil one’s daily schedule asap!

When it comes to kids, we always want what’s best. And given today’s times, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. So why should you choose Kalakaram for your tot and what exactly makes it class apart? Well the answer to this lies ahead so tread forward to know all about us.

Our Story

In the very niche world of meaningful products for kids, we’ve initiated a small step towards complete and holistic development of your child through art & craft.
We’ve pledged on touching the lives of your beloved tots in the most wonderful and genuine way possible through our innovative and creative range of DIY kits.


A Strong Belief

Kalakaram’s core stems from the fact that art in all it’s embodiments, shapes, heals and transforms lives of whoever indulges in it.

Kids are young and impressionable; it’s a fact that they absorb everything like sponge and therefore it’s imperative that we nurture their minds right.
By letting them explore their creative side, we not only usher them towards complete development but make them more responsive, expressive, kind and confident.

Myriad Options

We have innovated a series of 75+ creatively enriching products that include painting activities, craft activities, embroidery & macramé activities, soap making, candle making and Indian traditional art activities.

The kits include all the material that’s required & come with well illustrated instruction booklets that make the activities fun, exciting and easy to learn.

At Kalakaram, we believe in adding utmost purpose and joy to your lives through our products. We believe that there is more to shaping young lives than textbook learning. We believe in ushering change through art.

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